Dirandra, the 36th of Pimnas mascot, walks to greet Pimnas participants in the opening of Pimnas 36, which is held at the yard of Unpad Rectorate Building, Jatinangor, Monday (27/11/2023). (Photo: Juli Hantoro)

Reported by Silmi Lestari

[Unpad Media Channel] Amidst the enthusiasm of Pimnas 36 at Universitas Padjadjaran, “Dirandra,” the mascot of Pimas 36, stole the spotlight.

Under his cheerful smile, this mascot had deep meaning that reflected innovation, courage, heart, culture, and appreciation from implementing Pimnas 36 this year at the Sundanese Land.

As stated by the creator of Pimnas 36 mascot, Fadlan Ahya Imani, Dirandra was inspired by Sundanese culture history, particularly the Pajajaran Kingdom which was known with the tiger symbol. 

The Sundanese culture concepts were also presented by the pansi (Sundanese traditional attire), which reflected values such as silih asah (learning), silih asih (compassionate), and silih asuh (affection).

“For the idea is closely related to the word ‘Padjadjaran,’ which, if first imagined, certainly is the Pajajaran Kingdom, the biggest kingdom in Sundanese Land. The Pajajaran Kingdom is symbolized by a tiger and Prabu Siliwangi (the King of the Pajajaran Kingdom). It was the initial idea,” explained Fadlan.

Fadlan, an Agrotechnology Unpad student described that the representation of the tiger not only identified the local culture but also symbolized bravery. “Dirandra” was from Sanskrit (Sansekerta), meaning bravery. It depicted determination to revive the spirit of courage among students to create and innovate in Pimnas 36.

“Then, why is tiger? This is because the tiger symbolizes bravery. Therefore, it makes me pioneers the mascot where the students’ courage was revived; one was with the Dirandra,” said Fadlan.

Moreover, the headband on the top of the mascot had a symbol that innovation was from intelligence. With a thumbs-up gesture at the bottom, there was an appreciation for courage, innovation, morals, and culture. Then, on the mascot’s chest was a reflection of light formed a heart, reminding if every innovation needed to be selected by the heart to maintain humanity and morality.

Dirandra, as the Pimnas 36 mascot, had characteristics of being enthusiastic, energetic, and courageous.

“Hope that students not only enjoy the mascot’s presence but also learn the lesson that we must be brave as Dirandra. It is more than bravery in the right path; we dare because we are not afraid of making mistakes. The last message is for the students to keep creating and establishing powerful character as Dirandra,” hoped Fadlan.

Besides the mascot, the Pimnas 36 logo was also created by a student from the Faculty of Communication Science Unpad, Ridwan Luhur Pambudi. Ridwan explained the philosophy of the Pimnas 36 logo. The purple color reflected the Universitas Padjadjaran logo, the kujang (bladed weapon of Sundanese) and mega mendung (motif of batik) characterized culture, technology accent on the 3 number reflected innovation component, and the flaming fire as a symbol of spirit. (arm/SA)*

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