Participants of 36th Pimnas Arrive in Jatinangor

The Pimnas 36 organizing committee from Universitas Padjadjaran handling the registration process of participants at Bale Santika Auditorium, Unpad, Jatinangor, Sunday (26/11/2023). (Photo: Dadan Triawan)*

Reported by Salsabila Diah Diometa and Anggi Kusuma Putri

[Unpad Media Channel] Participants of the 36th Pekan Ilmiah Mahasiswa Nasional (Pimnas) have arrived at Universitas Padjadjaran’s Jatinangor campus to confirm their attendance and register themselves onsite in the Balai Santika Auditorium at Unpad’s Jatinangor campus, West Java, Sunday (26/11/2023). The registration was opened at 8 a.m.

The head of Pimnas 36’s Division 1 team, Dr. Maulana Irfan, S.Sos., M.I.Kom., said that the registration proses is integral to ensure the participants’ attendance and readiness to go through the Pimnas events. Aside from that, the registration process also aims to provide the best service and assist with any difficulties that the participants might face.

“The participants attending Pimnas will, of course, meet with the registration team first. That means we try our best to provide our best service since this might be the first time the contingents have met with the team at Unpad. So we try to provide excellent service to be enjoyed by the participants”, he said.

Irfan continued by saying only the team officials are doing registration and allowed into the room. Considering one university might have different officials, a system was established where an official may only represent a maximum of 10 teams.

This was done to ensure thoroughness in their preparation of the documents. Afterward, the teams, who had just arrived, were given snacks and water while they waited for their official to exit the room.

“Inside, they will receive a kind of report to carry around which includes the documents which have, in truth, been uploaded by the participants. So they only come here to confirm that the team is present and ready to participate in the Pimnas events itself. After they register, they will go to the poster room. Afterward, we allow them to survey the rooms, so they could at least know where the rooms are located,” he explained.

Irfan explained further that so far the registration process has been conducive and that there has been no significant difficulty. The Unpad officials have designed a registration flow where there are eight tables up front alongside a helpdesk team that has also prepared the queueing and seating numbers inside the auditorium.

The head of the Secretariat, Registration, and Helpdesk Division also revealed that Unpad is ready to serve all Pimnas 36 participants in their registration or confirmation of attendance.

“The joy and passion to compete becomes integrated here, our slogan is that we are ready to serve you because administration is a pride of Unpad’s. Since the participants’ first step in meeting with Unpad service is through registration, this is what we do, building a good image for Unpad because it is ready to serve every Pimnas participant so they may compete comfortably,” he concluded. (arm)* (ICP)

Photos by Dadan Triawan and Juli Hartono

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