Unpad and Espin Australia Launch VICA Virtual Internship Program

Universitas Padjadjaran alongside Espin Multimedia Australia launch the virtual internship program, VICA, at Bale Rucita, Unpad Rectorate Building, in Jatinangor on Wednesday (15/11/2023). (Photo: Dadan Triawan)*

[Unpad Media Channel] Padjadjaran University and Espin Multimedia Australia have launched an internship program titled “Virtual Internship and Career Australia” or VICA. This program provides opportunities for Unpad students and alumni to intern and work at companies in Australia by utilizing technological devices.

The program was officially launched at an event held at Bale Rucita, Unpad Rectorate Building, in Jatinangor on Wednesday (15/11/2023). The event was attended by Unpad’s Vice Rector for Planning and Organization, Prof. Yanyan M. Yani, PhD, Director of Commercial Business Management and Investment, Prof. Diana Sari, PhD, as well as the CEO of Espin Multimedia Australia, Siam Nugraha.

In his speech, Prof. Yanyan mentioned that there are three subprograms under VICA. The first is the virtual assistant, a program designed to assist and prepare participants to work as virtual assistants in a number of companies in Australia.

The second subprogram is a course to enhance the skills of prospective participants, preparing them to work in the Australian job market. The last is the expatriate program, aimed at assisting and preparing participants to become expatriates in Australia.

Prof. Yanyan appreciated the collaboration, stating that the VICA program aligns well with Unpad’s mission to become a world-class university. “This program will also showcase the working capabilities of Unpad graduates,” he added.

It is hoped that this program will be a significant effort to enhance Unpad’s employer reputation globally. Additionally, the competence and careers of Unpad students and alumni are expected to improve, enabling them to compete in the global market.

Meanwhile, Siam stated that the VICA program is highly beneficial for the career development of students and alumni. The program will not only contribute to various projects run by Espin but also serve as a pathway for graduates’ careers.

Through this virtual internship program, participants can virtually experience the work atmosphere in various Australian companies. The program runs for 6-12 weeks.

During the launch event, participants witnessed a technical presentation about the VICA program by Siam Nugraha and insights into the Australian job market by Trading Edge Australasia CEO, Juris Austrums.* (ICP)

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