Unpad Ranking in QS AUR 2024 Increases Once More

Aerial photo of Unpad Rectorate Building, Jatinangor. (Photo: Dadan Triawan)*

[Unpad Media Channel] Universitas Padjadjaran has once again achieved a positive milestone in university rankings. This year, in the QS Asia University Rankings 2024, Unpad is positioned at 160th or 7th nationally, according to the announcement released on Wednesday (8/11/2023). This position marks a rise of 31 places from its previous position of 191 last year.

“We are grateful for the improvement in ranking,” said Unpad Rector, Prof. Rina Indiastuti.

The Rector stated that Unpad’s higher ranking in the QS AUR 2024 is a result of its improvement in the QS World University Rankings 2024. As per the announcement made in June 2023, Unpad secured the 661st position in QS WUR 2024, climbing more than 100 positions compared to the previous year.

“Although there are different parameters, there is a correlation between the QS WUR ranking and QS AUR. This indicates that the quality of research and education plays a significant role,” explained the Rector.

The QS AUR assessment is based on 11 indicators. Those include Academic Reputation, Employer Reputation, Citations Per Paper, Papers Per Faculty, Faculty-Student Ratio, International Research Network, International Faculty, International Students, Inbound Exchange Students, Outbound Exchange Students, and Staff with Ph.D.

From those indicators, nearly all of them have experienced a rise in ranking. One of which is the employer reputation indicator, which reached the 97th position. The Rector stated that this effort has been inseparable from Unpad’s role in enhancing the quality of its graduates. To be recognized as having good and improving educational quality, there needs to be acknowledgment from employers of Unpad graduates.

In seeking this recognition, Unpad involves prominent alumni to provide Unpad with good affirmation from employers. “If alumni, wherever they are, can provide evidence that Unpad’s graduates are no less competitive than graduates from other universities, then our quality shall improve,” said the Rector.

The Rector continued that Unpad strives to seek feedback from employers, including those reported by alumni. Therefore, Unpad shall continue maintaining and improving ties with its alumni. “Improving good relations with Unpad alumni is hoped to increase feedback back to Unpad,” the Rector added.

Another indicator in the QS AUR that needs improvement is International Faculty. Therefore, the Rector encourages faculties to continually expand their networks with international partners. However, to expand this network, improving excellence is crucial.

The Rector emphasized that everyone in the Unpad community contributes to improving excellence. The activities upholding the three pillars of higher education must be continually built upon. Additionally, improving the quality of graduates needs to be done, including by listening to feedback from the graduates’ employers.

“Recognition becomes the key word. Recognition for our good reputation can only be achieved if our excellence improves and is acknowledged by the wider community, including internationally,” concluded the Rector.* (ICP)

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