Unpad Team Optimistic to Win Pimnas 36 After Showcasing Best Performance

Universitas Padjadjaran representatives at Pimnas 36. (Photo: Dadan Triawan)

Laporan oleh Ahmad Dyandra Rama Putra Bagaskara dan Fella Rifnawati

[Kanal Media Unpad] A number of Unpad representatives who have gone through the presentation stage at the 36th Pimnas gives their account of the events. They expressed that they have showcased their maximum capacity and are optimistic they will afford them the best result.

Bergas Vrenli Nur Vendi, who more commonly goes by Egas, said that the team has succeeded in giving their best presentation based on the results of their training.

“The performance could be described as our best, especially after we did all kinds of training and preparation. Even we were a little bit surprised by our performance,” explained Egas. 

Egas’ team presented their Student Creativity Week (PKM) project in the Innovations category titled “Smart Technology Using Audiosonic and Ultrasonic Waves (0,5kHz-44kHz) to Increase Crop Growth and Resistance of Rice against Disease and Pests”.

As the presentation went on, many interesting products, works, and innovations were also showcased by teams from other universities. However, Afanin Hazimah, a member of Unpad’s PKM team in the Social and Humanities Research category titled “Counter Discourse of Cancel Culture Using Islamic Views: Critical Discourse Analysis on The Social Media Twitter”, said that did not intimidate the Unpad PKM teams.

“In truth, looking at the other groups doesn’t make me feel insecure since each project has its own uniqueness,” said Afanin.

After doing their presentations, each Unpad PKM team also got some feedback from the judges. Ulya Rachmawati, from the PKM-Exact Science Research team with the project titled “Injectable Hydrogel-Based Biocopolymer K-Carrageenan Chitosan with Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) as An Innovative Method to Treat Bed Sores”, said that the most striking feedback from the judges was one on the safety of the material used in human applications.

To add, Budi Santoso, a representative from the PKM-Technological Application team raising the topic of functional animal feed, said that the judges gave a positive response to the increasing productivity of milk caused by their accurate application of technological tools.

Furthermore, the Unpad PKM team with their project titled “Application of Functional Feed with Local Main Ingredients to Increase Dairy Goat Performance in Coastal Jaya Makmur Livestock Group” is optimistic they will gain a podium finish.

 “We are very optimistic we will get a medal, a silver at the very least,” said Budi.

Moving forward, the Unpad PKM teams wish their research can be continued so it does not stop at Pimnas. They also wish there would be further programs that can support their research and funding.

“It feels like such a waste if it stopped here. I hope there was a continuation program that could support the development of the research I’m doing. It might be either from the side of the funding or providing facilities,” said Ulya. (art)* (ICP)

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