Visitors Enjoy Various Foods from MSMEs at Pimnas 36 Bazaar

Bazaar atmosphere on the 36th Pimnas held at Universitas Padjadjaran's Jatinangor Campus, Jatinangor. (Photo: Dzaki Fadilah Yusuf)

Reported by Marsya Avelia and Fajar Amali Kurniawan

[Unpad Media Channel] Around 52 tenants are involved in the festivities surrounding the bazaar at Pimnas 36. Said bazaar held alongside the 36th Pimnas is not only meant to fulfill visitors’ and participants’ needs but also to support micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

“So, the aim of having this Bazaar and Food Festival in the midst of Pimnas is to fulfill the needs of both Pimnas participants and guests coming to Unpad, whether those needs are for food or merchandise. Another aim is, of course, to support MSMEs which exist in the Unpad environment, whether they comprise of lecturers, students, alumni, or many other various MSMEs under Unpad’s umbrella,” explained Pimnas 36 Bazaar Coordinator, Dr. Rivani, S.IP, M.M.

Aside from the Pimnas 36 participants and guests, anyone else, such as students and lecturers, can visit the bazaar area. The bazaar areas can also be found outside of the Bale Santika courtyard, the areas are spread out at a few locations such as the courtyard of Unpad’s Rectorate Building, besides the road at Bale Santika, and the area behind Masjid Raya Unpad (Unpad Mosque or MRU).

“There are 10 merchandise merchants in the Rectorate Building courtyard, then, there are 20 food and beverage merchants in the Bale Santika courtyard and at the road beside Bale Santika there are 20 food trucks. Aside from those, in the west area for clubs and societies and behind the MRU are spots specifically for students who want to sell their products,” said Rivani.

To provide the best service for the needs of the participants, and other visitors, while Pimnas is underway, the committee also ran a selection process of the MSMEs in regards to the renting and organizing of tenants.

Rivani hopes that this event could comply with the visitor’s needs and empower the MSMEs adequately. This event is not one whose only purpose is to support Pimnas 36, but also to let MSMEs founded by students, lecturers, staff, and even parties outside of Unpad show what they’re capable of.

Garnering Positive Response

A bazaar visitor who was interviewed by the Pimnas Media Center team, Nizar Ferdiansyah who is an Unpad Faculty of Economy and Business student, is very happy that there is a bazaar. He likened it to a food court that can be visited by everyone in Unpad.

“First I felt a bit of FOMO after seeing friends coming here on their Instagram stories. After coming here, I found that it’s pretty fun, there are lots of foods like kebab, coffee, and pempek. Since there are also chairs and tables provided here, I felt comfy. The facilities are adequate, there is access to Unpad’s wifi so I can relax here a bit as well,” said Nizar.

Pimnas participants also echo the same sentiment. Arya Nathan Bara, a Pimnas participant coming from Binus University, expressed how he felt the Pimnas Bazaar is very friendly towards students in regards to the prices on offer.

“Here, the foods are varied, and the price is also student-friendly,” said Arya.

Agreeing with Arya, Felix Anderson, another Binus University student, said that the Pimnas 36 Bazaar is worth-it when it comes to the prices and taste of the food. The food on offer is also varied.

Rifai Zainul Abidin, a student from Universitas Musamus Merauke, also stated that the chance to taste the food of Java is gratifying.

“It’s my first time setting foot on the island of Java, first time going to Universitas Padjadjaran, and also my first time eating the food of Java, it’s like a dream but this is real,” said Rifai. (art)* (ICP)

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