Abdul, a Magister Graduate from Afghanistan, Achieved a 4,00 GPA with 4 International Publications

Abdul Qayoum Safi. (Photo: Dadan Triawan)*

Reported by Salsabila Andiana

[Unpad Media Channel] Abdul Qayoum Safi from Afghanistan graduated with a Magister of Communication Science at Universitas Padjadjaran with the highest GPA, 4,00. During his postgraduate program study within 1.5 years, he has been published in four international journals and three national journals.

Publishing an article is a challenge for Abdul. Before becoming an Unpad student, he had conducted several research projects, but it was different from what he faced at Unpad.

“Before I came here (Unpad), I did my research but not like the stage like now I did it,” he said when being interviewed by Unpad Media Channel.

Abdul also has several tips for students who want to publish articles in international journals. First, students must have a strict schedule and be committed to doing it. 

“If they follow the schedule, so they can achieve more than they want,” he said.

Second, students must think critically. When see any problems in society, they must think about them and search for them on the internet, books, and other resources.

Third, English is very important to publish articles in international journals. According to Abdul, students must comprehend the writing rules and also able to speak in English fluently.

“Somehow complicated because in international journals they have strict requirements for writing style, for research content,” explained Abdul. 

Last, students can learn about different fields so that they will find research gaps and cover the gap. 

In publishing articles, Abdul is very thankful to his advisors, Dr. Herlina Agustin, S.Sos., M.T. dan Dr. H. Edwin Rizal, M.Si., and also to the study program and faculty who have assisted him in conducting research in different fields.

“They encourage me, and they help me a lot to do my research in different fields here,” said Abdul.

Choosing Indonesia

Before deciding to pursue a master’s degree at Unpad, Abdul delved deeper into understanding Unpad and Indonesia. Abdul has received a scholarship in two countries, namely Iran Indonesia (Unpad), from Developing Countries Partnership (Kemitraan Negara Berkembang or KNB) Scholarship program. Considering various factors, he chose Indonesia as his study destination. 

“I recognized that Unpad is one of the best universities here, especially in Communication Sciences,” said Abdul, who is also a contract-based lecturer in his home country.

Abdul mentioned that during his time at Unpad, he received friendly treatment from both friends and professors. Abdul finds his experience at Unpad very enjoyable.

“Here in Unpad, I think the lecturers, the behavior of lecturers, interaction, also relation between student and lecturer was like friendly, very friendly,” he said. (art/SA)*

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