Hipmi Works with PSDKU Unpad in MSME-Strengthening Collaboration

PSDKU Unpad professor, Muhammad Rifqi Ismiraj, M.Sc., (right) interpreting the consultation session between MSMEs with Dutch business expert, Leendert Noordermeer.*

[Unpad Media Channel] Universitas Padjadjaran’s study programs at the Pangandaran Campus (PSDKU) became part of a penta helix collaboration to strengthen the MSME sector in the Pangandaran regency. The collaboration was initiated by the Pangandaran chapter of the Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association (Hipmi).

The collaboration was launched through the “Hipmi Next Level! Pangandaran: SMEs One-on-One Mentoring by PUM Senior Expert Netherlands” program on January 31st, 2024. The program offering consultation services for MSMEs worked alongside PUM Netherlands Senior Experts, a Non-Governmental Organization from the Netherlands that provides expert services to developing nations.

A professor teaching at the Pangandaran Campus who participated in the program, Muhammad Rifqi Ismiraj, M.Sc., explained that the partnership between Hipmi and PSDKU Unpad aimed to build a penta-helix-model based collaboration which would include academics, businesses, communities, the government, and the media.

That is why, for the program, Hipmi also partnered with MSMEs, the Pangandaran Trade and Cooperative Office of MSMEs (KUMKM Pangandaran), and the Pangandaran Chapter of the Indonesian Journalist Association. In total, there were 11 enterprises taking part in the program.

Rifqi explained in an interview with Unpad Media Channel that there were three main plans to be carried out by the partnership. The three plans included launching the penta helix collaboration to increase the capacity and capabilities of Pangandaran MSMEs, training and consultation of the 11 MSMEs with an expert from the Netherlands, as well as signing a letter of intent detailing the development and “levelling up” of MSMEs in Pangandaran.

For the consultation itself, Hipmi chose PUM Netherland Senior Experts for their credibility and capacity in improving the value-added of MSME businesses. This was proven by the success had by MSMEs after consulting with PUM.

The professor of animal husbandry at Unpad’s Pangandaran Campus also explained that, in the program, the MSMEs went through face-to-face consultations with the PUM expert, namely Leendert Noordermeer, a former GM of Christian Dior in the Netherlands. Rifqi himself acted as an interpreter in those consultations.

Generally, the consultations identified the business positioning of the 11 enterprises, as well as their strengths and weaknesses through SWOT Analysis. They also provided relevant, tailor-made feedback based on the identifications of the business positioning and challenges of the MSMEs, with the aim of improving the scale of their business and profit.

The consultations were held for a week, ending on February 6th, 2024. “Through the program, the participants were given strategies, recommendations, and feedback (to develop their businesses going forward),” said Rifqi.

Signing A Letter of Intent

After successfully holding consultations, the collaboration was further validated with the signing of a letter of intent between Hipmi Pangandaran, KUMKM Pangandaran, Unpad’s Pangandaran Campus, and the Pangandaran chapters of Rumah BUMN BNI and the Indonesian Journalist Association on Tuesday, February 6th. Unpad was represented at the signing by the Director of PSDKU, Alexander M.A. Khan, Ph.D.

Rifqi explained that there are five plans of collaboration included in the letter of intent. The first is the research into various MSME sectors in Pangandaran. The second plan is the provision/dissemination of information or data related to the Pangandaran MSME sectors. The third plan is for the education of MSMEs in the form of seminars, workshops, consultations, etc. The fourth plan arranged for the provision of space to advertise and to sell in the form of fairs, bazaars, etc. Lastly, the fifth plan aimed to provide funding through grants, sponsorships, etc.

Alex appreciated the program, which was bolstered by the community of young entrepreneurs. “We are truly proud to be able to be a part of change in Pangandaran, and to contribute to the development of MSMEs in a real way,” he said. (arm/ICP)*

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