Seven Unpad Fikom Programs Receive AQAS Accreditation Certificate

Seven Heads of Study Program from the Faculty of Communication Sciences, Universitas Padjadjaran, received AQAS accreditation certificates, Jatinangor campus, Thursday (1/2/2024). (Photo: Arif Maulana)

[Unpad Media Channel] The Faculty of Communication Sciences (Fikom) of Universitas Padjadjaran has officially received international accreditation certificates from the Agency for Quality Assurance through Accreditation of Study Programs (AQAS).

The certificates were symbolically handed over to several Heads of Study Program from Unpad Fikom at an event held in the Oemi Abdurrahman Hall, at Unpad’s Jatinangor campus on Thursday (1/2/2024).

In 2023, seven Fikom study programs succeeded in achieving international accreditation from AQAS. The accreditation was published based on the results of a meeting by the AQAS Standing Commission held on December 4th, 2023.

The seven programs consist of five undergraduate programs, Communication Studies, Library and Information Science, Public Relations, Communication Management, and Journalism. The rest are made up of a postgraduate program and a doctoral program, both in Communication Studies.

The Dean of Unpad Fikom, Dr. Dadang Rahmat Hidayat, M.Si., said that the international accreditation was earned through the lengthy hard work done by the faculty. The Faculty of Communication Science actually received a visit for direct assessment from an AQAS team in the middle of 2023.

“Without hesitation, after conducting various assessments and site visits, AQAS determined that the seven programs we applied are all internationally certified,” said Dadang.

Dadang added that the international accreditation process did not end when they received the certificate. Instead, there are other tasks to be carried out by Fikom, ranging from acting on the feedback received in the assessment to strengthening its internal resources and internationalization efforts. More specifically, Fikom needs to strengthen its teaching methods, curriculum, and the quality of its alumni so they can compete internationally.

“This is an awesome opportunity for us to give our best for the students, Unpad, and Indonesia,” said Dadang.

Meanwhile, Vi Le, AQAS’ Consultant for International Accreditation who was present to award the certificate, appreciated Fikom’s efforts to succeed in achieving international certification. According to her, there were many aspects of the seven Unpad Fikom programs which impressed the AQAS team throughout the assessment.

“We can see how [Fikom Unpad] perform and, it’s not only on paper but also during the site visit, we can really learn that [Fikom Unpad] did [its] good job,” she exclaimed.

Vi Le hoped that, going forward, Unpad Fikom could continue to develop and strive further to make its programs some of the best, not only in Indonesia but also in the world.

The event to award the AQAS international accreditation certificate was also attended by Unpad’s Vice Rector for Research and Innovation, Prof. Hendarmawan. (arm/ICP)*

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