Campus Life

Campus life at Universitas Padjadjaran is developed with the idea to create supportive environment towards academic activities as well as energetic and enthusiastic people. In relation to that, Universitas Padjadjaran has conducted the best efforts to make the campus life enjoyable and comfortable.

To reach these goals, also to provide good services to its stakeholders owns, Unpad uses its capacity as one of the most spacious campus areas in Indonesia. The areas are spread into two main campuses: Jatinangor Sumedang and Dipati Ukur Bandung. Not only provides facilities, Unpad also opens for outside-class learning as well as extra-curricula activities.

As a site for the personal development of young minds and bodies, Unpad supports a wide variety of student activities. There are so many units related to various interests and hobbies, including musical activities, sports, traditional arts and dances, society building movements, and so forth. Students at any level are welcome to choose any activities unit and create relevant events inside the campus. There are some venues dedicated for these activities, such as open spaces, sports fields, and functional rooms.

Unpad also provides students with libraries with an extensive collection of books, periodicals, and study materials. Libraries are located within faculties and administratively centered at the Central Library organized by the Office of Knowledge Center, which is so-called KANDAGA. This center provides online services, which make it possible for students and lecturers to freely access many online resources from all over the world.

As for students who want to stay close to their school, Unpad opens in-campus accomodation. Today, Unpad operates 17 comfortable dormitories, including those in Garut and Pangandaran. Other than these dormitories, Unpad campus is surrounded by economical rented rooms or houses as well as luxurious apartments.

Unpad owns health and fitness services, located at Dipatiukur Campus. Unpad also has a football stadium, some sports fields, and sports building, which are located at Jatinangor Campus. The area itself, especially at Jatinangor Campus, is good for walking, jogging or cycling.

Besides that, Unpad with its fresh environment also facilitates students with affordable cafetarias ot refectories as places for having meals, studying, or just hanging out with friends.

To help students explore the spacious campus in Jatinangor, Unpad provides free on-campus transportation. This transportation will take people from the main gate to all facility, continuously from 7 AM to 4 PM. There are stops in every faculty, where people can easily hop on and off.