Campus Life

Make the most of your potential at Universitas Padjadjaran.

Campus life at Universitas Padjadjaran was developed with the idea of ​​creating both a supportive environment for academic activities and Unpad residents who are full of energy and enthusiasm. Universitas Padjadjaran puts immense effort into cultivating an enjoyable and comfortable campus life.

To accomplish this, and in order to provide the best service for the Unpad community, Unpad makes use of its capacity as one of the campuses with the largest area in Indonesia. The Unpad campus area is located in two main campuses: Jatinangor, Sumedang and Dipatiukur, Bandung. In addition to facilities and resources, Unpad also provides learning opportunities outside of the classroom, along with extracurricular activities.

As a place for developing young minds, souls, and bodies, Unpad fully supports various student activities in various fields. Many student activity units related to various interests and hobbies, including music, sports, traditional arts and dances, community service movements, and many others are available at Unpad. Students studying various degrees are welcome to choose the units which interest them and to organize activities on campus. There are several places specifically provided, such as halls, sports fields, and meeting rooms.

Unpad also provides library services with a diverse collection of books, periodical publications, and lecture materials. Libraries are located in each faculty and are administratively centralized in the Central Library managed by the Knowledge Center Office, known as KANDAGA. The center provides online services, giving students and lecturers access to online literature from around the world, free of charge.

For students who want to live close to the campus, Unpad provides on-campus accommodation. Currently, Unpad accommodates 17 comfortable dormitories, including those in Garut and Pangandaran. Apart from these dormitories, the Unpad campus is also surrounded by lots of affordable rooms or houses for rent and even luxurious apartments.

Unpad provides health and fitness services in the Dipatiukur Campus. Unpad is also equipped with a football stadium, several sports fields, and a sports building located in the Jatinangor Campus. The Jatinangor Campus area itself is a great place for walking, jogging or cycling.

In addition, the fresh air in Unpad’s green environment adds to the campus’s comfortability. Unpad also provides cafeterias and canteens that are convenient as spots for indulging in meals, studying, or even for a little chit-chat.
To assist students in getting around the vast Jatinangor Campus, Unpad provides free on-campus transportation. This transportation takes passengers from the main gate to all facilities on campus, continuously from 7 AM to 4 PM. Stops are provided at each faculty where passengers may easily get on and off.*