Address: Jl. Raya Bandung Sumedang KM 21, Jatinangor 45363
Phone: (022) 7798241
Facsimile: (022) 7798212
Dean: Prof. Dr. Ir. Husmy Yurmiati, M.S.

Faculty of Animal Husbandry (Fapet) Unpad was pioneered by Prof. Dr. Didi Atmadilaga. On July 27, 1963, the Faculty was established with the Decree of Ministry of Education and Culture No. 86/83 and legalized on 1 September 1963.

In 2012, Faculty of Animal Husbandry received ISO 9001-2008 certification for “Education Services Including teaching, curriculum and lecture materials”. Its research products have been published in many national and international journals, presented in national and international seminars, and commercialized by the industries. Some of the products have obtained the Intellectual Property Right (HKI) from the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of Republic of Indonesia. In terms of Community Services, the faculty has been organizing mentoring, counseling, as well as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to the local community, farmers, and stakeholders in various districts in West Java. These programs are actualized in cooperation with partners aiming to increase livestock sector and Human Resources in West Java.

Students and lecturers have won numerous achievements in university level, national and international ones. Our alumni are spread in many institutions and business fields, both in public and private sectors, such as entrepreneurs, agribusiness, banking, education, research and development centers, and many more.

Study Programs:
Doctoral Degree
Animal Husbandry

Master Degree
Animal Husbandry

Bachelor Degree
Animal Husbandry

Livestock Production Laboratory
Dairy Cattle Production Laboratory
Poultry Production Laboratory
Animal Reproduction and Artificial Insemination Laboratory
Livestock Breeding and Biometrics Laboratory
Ruminant Nutrition and Food Chemistry Laboratory
Poultry Nutrition, Non-Ruminant and Livestock Food Industry Laboratory
Forage Crops Laboratory Animal Physiology and Biochemistry Laboratory
Animal Products Processing Technology Laboratory
Microbiology and Livestock Waste Management Laboratory
Animal Husbandry Economics Laboratory
Sociology and Extension Livestock Laboratory

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