Address: Jl. Raya Bandung Sumedang KM 21, Jatinangor 40600
Phone: (022) 87701519
Facsimile: (022) 87701518
Dean: Dr. Ir. Iskandar, M.Si.

Fishery Science in Unpad has existed since the opening of Department of Fisheries in the Faculty of
Agriculture in 1965. The opening is the manifestation of local community’s and the local government’s will
to develop fishery sub-sector by producing experts in the field. These experts are expected to be the
catalysts and dynamists in the development of fishery and marine sub-sector.

To anticipate the development of science and technology, the social demands and the future development in Fisheries and Marine Sciences,Department of Fisheries was upgraded to the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences (FPIK) with the Decree of the Rector No. 1197/J06/Kep/KP/2005 dated7 July 2005 and the Dikti Approval Letter No. 2015/D/T/2005 dated 27 June 2005.

Study Programs:
Bachelor Degree
Marine Science

Fishing/Fishery Laboratory
Fishery and Marine Biotechnology Laboratory
Aquatic Animal Laboratory
Aquaculture Laboratory
Water Quality Laboratory
Biology Laboratory
Fishery Products Processing Laboratory
Marine Science Laboratory
Fishery and Marine Enterpreneurship Laboratory
Wet and Pond Experiment Laboratory

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