Address: Jalan Raya Bandung-Sumedang Km. 21 Jatinangor Sumedang 45363
Phone: (022) 7797712
Facsimile: (022) 7794545
Dean: Prof. Dr. Sudrajat Supian, MSc

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA) was founded through the Decree of Education, Pedagogy, and Culture Minister No.102.333/S dated22 October 1958. The former president of Republic of Indonesia, Ir. Soekarno, officially established FMIPA on 17 November 1959.

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA) carries a vision to be the leading faculty in ASEAN by 2020, and missions: (1) to implement research-based learning to produce high competitive graduates; (2) to conduct basic and applied science research especially in the management of natural resources and environment that is beneficial to social welfare.

The faculty continuously encourages students to be qualified graduates that complete their study on time and are immediately employed. Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA) supports research that focuses on downstream products, the increasing of international scientific publication, and the acquisition of Intellectual Property Rights (HKI) for scientific products..

Study Programs:
Doctoral Degree
Chemistry Science

Master Degree
Chemistry Science
Applied Statistics

Bachelor Degree
Information Technology

Diploma Degree
Information Management
Information Technology
Computer Technology
Industrial Chemistry
Analytical Chemistry

Computation Laboratory
Pure Mathematics Laboratory
Applied Mathematics Laboratory
Modeling and Simulation Laboratory
Computer Basic 1 Laboratory
Computer Basic 2 Laboratory
Hardware Laboratory
Software Engineering Laboratory
Information System and Multimedia Laboratory
Digital Robotic, Artificial Intelligence, and Digital Image Laboratory
Computer Network and Data Communication Laboratory
Anorganic Self Clined Laboratory
Analytical Chemistry Laboratory
Physical Chemistry Laboratory
Organic Chemistry Laboratory
Biochemistry Laboratory
Testing and Service Laboratory
Computation Chemistry Laboratory
Mineral Chemistry Laboratory
Separation and Analytical Chemistry Laboratory
Natural Product Chemistry Laboratory
Food and Health Biochemistry Laboratory
Applied Chemistry Laboratory
Experimental Physics Laboratory
Electronic Laboratory
Physics Computation Laboratory
Material Physics Laboratory
Energical Physics Laboratory
Instrumentation Physics Laboratory
Advanced Material Laboratory
Instrumentation System and Functional Materials Processing Laboratory
System and Renewable Energy Laboratory
Theory and Computational Geophysics Laboratory
Geophysics Studio
Geology and Mapping Laboratory
Geophysical Instrumentation Laboratory
Environmental Geophysics and Natural Resources Laboratory
Molecular Biology Laboratory
Animal Taxonomy/Biosystematics Laboratory
Plant Taxonomy/Biosystematics Laboratory
Structure and Function of Animal Growth Laboratory
Structure and Function of Plant Growth Laboratory
Basic Microbiology Laboratory
Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Laboratory
Conservation Biology Laboratory
Terrestrial Ecology Laboratory
Aquatic Ecology Laboratory
Toxicology Laboratory
Applied Microbiology Laboratory
Basic Mathematics Laboratory
Basic Chemistry Laboratory
Basic Physics Laboratory
Basic Biology Laboratory
Big Data Laboratory
Spatial Laboratory
GLM Laboratory
Quality Control Laboratory
Actuarial Laboratory
CT SEM Laboratory

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