Address: Jalan Dipati Ukur No. 35 Bandung 40132
Phone: (022) 2504970
Dean: Prof. Dr. Hendarmawan, M.Sc


Postgraduate Program was founded on 21 July 1979 and legalized by Prof. Dr, R.A. Tisna Amidjaja, the Director General of Dikti for Department of Education and Cultural Affairs. In its development, Postgraduate Program becomes an academic unit that carries out university’s tasks and functions directly under the Rector.

Postgraduate Program carries the duty to perform the Master and Doctoral programs in interdisciplinary science and to fulfill quality assurance from Postgraduate program organized by faculties in Unpad. In addition,
the program is the representative of Unpad in Postgraduate forum in national and international level.

The Program encourages students of both Master and Doctoral programs to master the development of science, technology and art in interdisciplinary approach. The graduates are expected to assist problems solving in
community based on well-managed scientific principles.

Study Programs:
Doctoral Degree

Master Degree
Environmental Science

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