2013’s Student Creativity Program Proposal Acceptance of 2014’s Funding

Directorate of Research and Community Service, the Directorate General of Higher Education provides an opportunity for students of both public and private universities to submit research proposal in 5 fields, namely: PKM-P, PKM-M, PKM-K, PKM-T and PKM-KC, which will be funded in 2014.

We need to inform you that the online proposal submission procedure to the Directorate of Research and Community Service should follow the 2013’s PKM guidelines (attached) which can be download on the website and, with the headline Usulan Program Kreativitas Mahasiswa (PKM) 2013.

 In relation to the above, we inform you as follows:

  1. Registration is conducted by the staff of Student Affairs Department via
  2. Uploading documents is done by the students after the registration process.
  3. The deadline for online registration and proposal submission is on October 31, 2013. Registration and submission after the deadline cannot be accepted.
  4. Ditlitabmas does not accept proposals in hardcopy (the document is stored in the applicants university for administrative purposes).


File attachment:

– Surat Penerimaan Proposal Program Kreativitas Mahasiswa (PKM) Tahun 2013 pendanaan Tahun 2014

– Panduan PKM Tahun 2013