Bisnis Digital

Gelar Lulusan
Sarjana Ekonomi (S.E.)
Durasi Studi
8 Semester
Lokasi Kampus

The existence of the Digital Business Study Program (Prodi) at the Faculty of Economics and Business of Universitas Padjadjaran (UNPAD) is a response to global requirements related to the challenges of the 4th industrial revolution. Digital Business undergraduate program focuses on learning about business by utilizing digital technology. This Program’s aims to create graduates who can play a leading role in the era of digital business.

Graduate Pathway and Future Study

The alumni of digital business program will obtain skills in the field :

  1. Business System and Business model
  2. Business Intelligent Manager
  3. Data Analyst and Scientist
  4. Financial and Marketing Analyst
  5. Digital Business Entrepreneur (digital Start-Up, Financial technology, etc)
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